How to Prepare for a Fun-Filled Vacation

Every now and then, all of us need a break from our busy, stressful lives. Vacations are not just fun, they are also scientifically proven to give an improvement to our overall health.

You have chosen a destination, booked a flight, made hotel reservations, and packed your bags – now what? Are you ready to go?

There are a few things you have to do in order to ensure that your vacation would truly be a fun, relaxing, and enjoyable one

The last thing you want on a vacation is a worried mind – a preoccupied one that keeps thinking about what you left back home, or back in the office, so before you go to your vacation, it’s best if you:


  • Inform your neighbor about your upcoming vacation and ask if they could keep an eye on your home for you. Give them your contact number so they could reach you if necessary.
  • Inform your colleagues that you would mostly be unavailable during your vacation so they would refrain from disturbing you while you are having your well-deserved break.
  • Pack books or anything that would help you pass the time. You never know if your flight would be delayed or if any event where you would need to wait will arise.
  • Before your trip, make sure to take out the trash or take care of food that may go bad while you’re away, so you would not be welcomed by an awful smell when you get back.
  • Make sure that you lock all the windows and doors before leaving, unplug all appliances, and check if your smoke detector and burglar alarm systems are working fine.


When you arrive at your destination, keep your phone somewhere safe – keep it away from you for some time to prevent yourself from checking it all the time. The reason you are taking a vacation is to take your mind off work, so enjoy!


Importance of Taking a Vacation

Being adults, most of us are busy spending most of our time working – to chase our dreams, to have a better career, basically, to live a better life.

Let’s admit it, working full time can be really stressful, but sometimes, you just don’t want to take a break for a number of different reasons: fear of having a huge amount of work piled in when you get back from a vacation, wanting to be promoted faster by being more productive, or simply just believing that you MUST work harder.


However, now, vacations aren’t just perceived as a relaxing, enjoyable time – multiple scientific studies actually reveal that taking a break or a vacation from work can have positive effects on your mental and physical well being.

  • A study conducted by the National University of Singapore have discovered that “those who spent less than 20 percent of their time perusing the Internet’s silly offerings were 9 percent more productive than those who resist going online.” While using the internet for personal browsing may not count as a vacation, it is clear what the research has determined – taking a break from actually working can make the employee more productive.


  • Additionally, according to the Framingham Heart Study conducted in 1992, “men who don’t take vacations were 30% more likely to have a heart attack and for women, it went up to 50%.” Easily said, vacations are good for the heart!


  • Vacations can have a positive effect on the mental health as well, as per the study from the American Psychological Association in 2015, they have found out that vacations are effective into decreasing stress by removing individuals from the work and setting that they link with stress and anxiety. Since work can be really stressful, vacations really are a great idea if you want to take care of your mental health.