Bucs Bed and Brew Guest House can give you the comfort, serenity, and relaxation you are looking for free from the hustle and bustle of the city life.


Our family owned Bucs Bed and Brew Guest House is of Victorian design and was built in the 18th century. This cozy little place was recently refurbished to revive its natural charm and enhance its original rooms in order to accommodate all your needs.


Surrounded by a gorgeous farmland, you can find the peace and seclusion you are longing for in Bucs Bed and Brew Guest House.


We can make you feel at home by offering homegrown organic goods freshly harvested from our very own farm so you can have a truly enjoyable experience of living in the peaceful countryside without having to travel very far from the city.


Having two snug bedrooms, a homey living room with a fireplace, a lovely dining room, and a little but beautiful toilet and bath, the Bucs Bed and Brew Guest House can really give you everything you need and can accommodate you and your family.


Book the Bucs Bed and Brew Guest House for your next weekend getaway to get the break and vacation you truly deserve.